Chamois Technology

Chamois Technology

We demand the best, period – whether in fabrics, construction, sublimation or design FORTE Sportswear does not cut corners. The same holds true with our chamois selection. We have partnered with the chamois specialists, Cytech. Their Elastic Interface Technology (EIT) is globally revered for exceptional performance, quality and comfort. We offer an extensive range of EIT chamois as standard and upgrade options in both Men’s and Women’s specific designs across our entire product line.  Below is a brief list of our most widely used pads.


PRO and HE Collections – ENDURANCE 2.5 HD
Available in both men’s and women’s specific designs, the Endurance 2.5 HD chamois is standard in our PRO and HE lines. This high-quality chamois has centrally sewn inserts and is made with a generation of dual high density foams. Its special shape offers the absolute best protection, comfort and fit differentiating it from other pads that look “high-tech”.

The X-Tract fabric has a double layer structure which helps to collect and expel moisture. The perforated base layer provides increased breathability and quick dry. This chamois is widely recognized as the “go to” for numerous WorldTour riders.

The Comp HP is the next generation of the Multi-D Comp, one of Cytech’s most successful cycling pads. Available as an upgrade option, the Comp HP is made of EIT Carbonium microfiber fabric offering anti-bacterial properties. The new Comp HP also features pre-molded wings and an integrated top for a smooth, seamless look.

Four ultra-high density foam inserts have been enlarged in order to deliver a greater degree of comfort during longer rides while in the road bike position. The central channel has been slightly modified to provide more relief along the perineal area. A reduced usage of the back liner makes the pad even more lightweight and breathable, allowing greater freedom of movement.

The HP version of the Liège pad guarantees superior protection during long distance rides thanks to the very high density foam perineal inserts. Compared to the other pads in this segment the Liège HP foam inserts are shaped to be very minimalist and the top layer of the pad that comes in contact with the rider is entirely smooth.

The central perineal channel allows for perfect fit and stability in the saddle while providing pressure relief on the urethra, improving blood flow. The pelvic track, which traces where the pelvic bones match the saddle during the pedal stroke, has been designed and tested at length. The perfect combination of perforated foams and different densities assures extra breathability and freedom of movement.

The Multi-D Anatomic 2 is not intended to replace the previous sister product but it simply addresses different needs. The half- moon structure offers  a “pelvic track” that is from a one piece foam insert specially designed to cover the ischiatic and perineal area. This is ideal for athletes that prefer to ride on a flat, smooth surface that doesn’t present steps or interruptions. The pelvic track is made from the combination of ultra-high density foams to deliver maximum comfort  for longer rides.


Super Tri 2 is the evolution of the Super Tri pad, one of the most popular and well received triathlon pads. This new version has a very smooth top fabric surface providing close and continuous skin contact and perforated foam for maximum breathability and quick dry properties.
The men’s version has a central section (perineal area) specially shaped for male anatomy and the women’s version has a central section (perineal area) specially shaped for female anatomy.  It is available in a dual density version, with central reinforcement, for greater comfort over long distances.